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Why is a doorstep loan good for me?

Previously very common, doorstep loans in the UK have now become a much rarer way of borrowing money. This is because many people now want loans that are much more convenient in terms of how long it takes to get the money and how it is going to be paid to them. Therefore, most direct lenders now offer loans that are paid directly in your bank account. Applied for online and often taking less than 10 minutes* to get the money, short term loans continue to increase in popularity.

Understanding that some people still want the face-to-face contact of doorstep loans, our panel features doorstep lenders that still offer this service. There are various benefits of doorstep loans. As we have shown, such loans give you the opportunity to speak to someone in person about your loan. This can be very comforting for people who dislike using the internet or have difficulty completing the online application process. Furthermore, doorstep lenders will actually deliver the money you borrow to your door. This is great if you wish to avoid having the money placed into your bank account, as well as if you struggle to get out and about. In addition, not only are these loans paid to you at your door, but they are also collected from you at your home, usually on a weekly basis. This removes the worry of forgetting to pay, as well as enables you to easily speak to someone about your loan should you need to.

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Are doorstep loans more expensive?

As with all short term loans, how much you must repay is of course the biggest consideration for most people. Therefore, if you are considering short-term doorstep loans in the UK, there are various things you must factor in before making your decision. One of the first things you must think about is that doorstep loans are generally more expensive than those that are paid directly into your bank account. This is because there are of course additional costs involved in these loans, such as that of having a person deliver the money to your door and the subsequent visits afterwards to collect your repayments. However, these costs have fallen in recent years, and so are now a much more realistic option for some.

There are no such things as doorstep loans with no credit checks. However, as with all the loans we offer, we can help you get a doorstep loan regardless of what your previous credit history has been. Available in a variety of sizes, usually from £50 right up to £1,000, these loans can be taken out for a number of purposes. Furthermore, you will be given options regarding how long you need to repay the money you borrow; making sure the repayments meet with your budget.

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