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12-month loans – Which is the best for me?

Xav Loans is a licensed loan introducer. This means we will not actually provide you with a loan, nor perform a credit check on your application. Instead, our role is to put you in touch with the direct lenders currently operating in the UK. Because we focus on helping people with bad credit get loans, the database features direct lenders that specialise in providing loans to people with poor credit.

Taking our job very seriously, we understand that what might be best for you, may not be for another person. That is why our partner has created a panel of lenders that is as varied as it is large. This means we have an incredible range of 12-month loans. By providing you with as much choice as possible, we believe that not only will we help improve your chances of being approved, but also ensure you do not have to make any compromises. As part of this, we are confident we can help you get the best loan for you regardless of what your specific requirements may be. Therefore, whether you are looking for 12-month payday loans or one that does not require a guarantor, Xav Loans is the first place you should visit.

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Can I get a 12 month loan with no credit check?

If you suffer from poor credit, then you will know just how difficult it can be to be approved for a loan, never mind get a loan with favourable rates and terms. Traditionally overlooked, direct lenders are now thankfully offering various products, including 12-month loans for bad credit.

These loans are designed to help people with poor credit histories get the same quality, competitive loans offered to people with good credit scores. This is because we and the lenders share the belief that everyone should be given the same access to emergency funds when they are needed. That is why we do everything we can to help make the entire process as simple and stress-free as possible.

This does not mean we offer 12-month loans with no credit check, it does mean that we do everything legally possible to give you the maximum chance of being approved. This includes the ability to search which lenders are more likely to approve your application before you apply. We have done this to help people with bad credit better protect their credit scores. This is because declined applications can often result in your score dropping; thereby making it even harder to get a loan the next time. To stop this damaging cycle, we allow you to check a lender’s suitability before you apply using soft search technology; thereby significantly reducing the likelihood of you being declined. This not only protects your score but will also ultimately help enable it to grow.

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