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Can I get a same day loan with no credit check?

If you are looking for same day loans with no credit check, we are sorry, but we cannot help you. This is because such loans are not permitted in the UK and are therefore not offered by credible direct lenders currently operating here. As a credit broker, we are fully authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, as are all of our lender partners, none of these lenders will claim to offer same day loans with no credit checks. What they will provide are fully-licensed short term loans that are very competitive and completely transparent.

Understanding that people are wary of credit checks, some lenders will try to tempt you with offers of a same day loan with no credit check. However, as we have shown, these are not recommended. Instead, to help people worried about credit checks, we only work with direct lenders who use soft search technology. This enables us to identify the lenders that will say yes before you apply. Whilst this does not avoid your application being subject to a credit check, it enables you so get a decision on your application without impacting on your credit score.

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Can I get a same day loan if I am on benefits?

As we have shown, same day cash loans with no credit check are not offered by FCA approved lenders in the UK. Therefore, if you want to borrow from a regulated and trusted lender, you will need to have a credit check. However, modern lenders now place less weight on these scores than traditional lenders did in the past. Instead, other factors are given more importance. These include what your current financial incomings and outgoings are, whether you are a homeowner and whether you are employed.

Basing their decisions on these factors and taking a sympathetic approach to poor credit scores, you stand a much better chance of being approved by one of our direct lenders. Ensuring that everyone gets equal access to loans in times of emergency, we have selected lenders that cover a wide range of loans, including people who are in receipt of benefits.

Always understanding that some people will still want same day loans with no credit checks and no guarantor, we do everything we can to offer fully-regulated loans that do not penalise you if you suffer from bad credit.

Our confidence in knowing we can help you comes from the knowledge that 95% of everyone who applies for a loan through us and completes the application process get the money they need in their accounts the same day they apply, and often within just minutes. With the entire online application process able to be completed quickly and from any location, you could have your short term loan in your hands almost instantly.

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