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Amigo Loans

Amigo Loans are a lender specialising in providing guarantor loans ranging up to £10,000. As Amigo loans offer such high amounts, it also enables you to make long-term repayment plans. This means that depending on the amount you borrow, you could have up to 5-years to repay your loan. This makes Amigo Loans a good option for people looking for a more traditional, long-term loan. Striving to get the money into your account as quickly as possible, Amigo Loans aims to get the money into your hands the same day as you apply, with the exact time dependent on your bank’s processing speeds.

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Do I need a guarantor for an Amigo Loan?

Yes, you will only be accepted for an Amigo loan if you have a guarantor. They do this because they believe having someone willing to serve as a guarantor on your loan is a better reflection of your trustworthiness than a credit score. This makes Amigo Loan particularly good for people with poor credit scores.

It is your guarantor’s responsibility to continue paying your loan if you suddenly become unable to. Therefore, your guarantor will also be subject to an affordability check during your application. Guarantors should generally be aged between 18-75 years old, have good credit themselves, and can show to be able to afford the repayments if you cannot. Your guarantor does not have to be a homeowner, but it may increase your chances of being approved if they do own their own home.

Requiring only basic proofs of ID, such as a bank statement, and other general details regarding your employment status, Amigo Loans will try to get the money into your account as quickly as possible.

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