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Can I get a payday loan with bad credit?

If you have a bad credit score you can be approved for payday loans. This is because modern direct lenders now understand that credit scores are often not a true reflection of your ability to borrow and repay a loan. Furthermore, some lenders believe that such people should still have quick and simple access to small and medium-sized loans when required.

Many of the lenders in our partner’s database offer payday loans for people with bad credit. Whilst you will still have to have a credit check, these lenders will only take your score into account, and not base their entire decision on it – as direct lenders have traditionally in the past. Even if you do have a bad credit score, if you meet other criteria, lenders may still be able to offer you a loan.

All of our partner’s lenders are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, all the payday loans for bad credit we feature will be competitive and incredibly flexible. They will also search the market for you, making sure that you only have to complete one application, saving you time and effort in the process of finding the best short-term loan deals for you.

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I have bad credit - How much can I get a payday loan for?

With lenders offering payday loans for people with bad credit, you now have much more freedom regarding the repayment terms of your loan. Not only does this mean that you can repay your loan back over a period of time of your choosing, but also that you can now get payday loans for much larger amounts than has been traditionally offered. This means payday loans for bad credit can now be used for more purposes. As such, if you suffer from bad credit, but suddenly require yourself needing a quick loan these could be ideal.

Many lenders now offer a huge variety of loan amounts; from the very small right up to loans running into the thousands of pounds. As such, you can now be assured to get the right amount you need, no more or no less. And because these loans offer much longer repayment periods, you do not have to worry about repaying your payday loan back in just one month. This allows you to repay what you borrow in much smaller and affordable monthly repayments. At Xav Loans, you can apply for quick loans between £100 and £2,500 and spread the repayments over 3 to 24 months.

Whilst some lenders may require small loans to be repaid back quickly, our partner’s extensive database of reputable lenders means they will find the most suitable lenders for you, ensuring you do not have to compromise in getting the right loan.

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