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£2,500 loans

When it comes to larger-sized short-term loans, such as a £2,500 loan, many still believe that the process is much more complicated than it would be for a loan of just a few hundred pounds. This is because, in the past, such loans were often taken out with a bank, and therefore involved lots of paperwork and often a face-to-face interview. However, modern direct lenders understand that £2,500 loans are now needed just as quickly and easily as small loans.

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Can I borrow £2,500 even if I have a poor credit score?

You can now borrow £2,500 much easier than was possible previously. Just like for smaller amounts, these loans can still be applied for completely online. Also, you will still be given a decision instantly after you have successfully completed the application form. And of course, just as with other loans, most of the lenders in our database will strive to get the money into your bank account in just 10 minutes* after your loan has been approved. Again, breaking the tradition of larger loans being unavailable to you if you have a poor credit rating, many of our lenders offer a fair and accessible £2,500 for bad credit, applicants.

We can also tell you if you are likely to be approved for a loan before you apply. This means if you are worried your credit score is not good enough and don’t want to damage it further by being turned down, we can help. This can give you important peace of mind when looking for a short-term loan. Always wanting to be flexible in what we provide you, our panel of lenders includes those offering very specialised loans designed for specific types of applicants. One example is the £2,500 short term loan. This loan is very similar to a traditional loan in that it can be applied for and received very quickly, but it can also be paid back over a much longer period of time.

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