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£1,000 loans

If you are looking to borrow £1,000, we have a great panel of lenders offering a wide range of short-term loans. These loans enable you to get quick, simple access to £1,000 loans that give you complete control regarding how much you repay back each month. Adjusting to your needs, you are also able to select a repayment period that suits your budget. From 3 months to 24 months, you can choose how long you want the loan to last. This flexibility means you will never have to compromise when it comes to getting the right loan for you.

Although we can, of course, help people with good credit histories get competitive loans, we specialise in helping people with poor credit. Reflecting this, all of the lenders in our database have been specially selected because they offer services such as a £1,000 loan for bad credit. This is because we believe you should not be denied access to a loan when you need it just because you have a bad credit score. Thankfully, the lenders in our database feel the same way. All of our lenders are authorised and regulated by the FCA. Whilst this gives you important peace of mind; ensuring your loan and the lender are fully covered, it does mean you will have to have a soft credit check. However, whereas traditional lenders, such as high-street banks, placed lots of importance on your score, direct lenders understand that these scores can be inaccurate.

When you apply for a £1,000 loan with one of our lenders they will take into account other factors when considering your application. These factors include whether you are in employment and what your monthly expenses are. This means that you are much more likely to be approved with one of our lenders if you suffer from bad credit.

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Can I get a £1,000 loan with bad credit?

As we have shown, the answer is yes. Specialising in helping people with poor credit get loans, 92% of applicants who successfully complete the online application process through us are approved. This is even more significant when you consider that the majority of people we help have a bad credit rating.

We know it’s often daunting to apply for something such as a £1,000 loan if you have a poor credit rating. What makes this situation even worse is that your credit score can fall even further if your loan application is declined and you make multiple applications. To prevent this from happening, we can show you which lenders are most likely to say yes to your loan before you apply. This means your credit score will not be damaged by your application being turned down.

This also means that you can more quickly find the right lender for you, as well as removing the stress of worrying if you will be given the money or not. To offer as much choice as possible, lenders also offer a £1,000 short-term loan that is designed for people in part-time or full-time employment.

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